Protecting the Nashville Area One Wasp at a Time

With the change of seasons, the kids are out to play and so are the insects. Carpenter bees, centipedes and the bully of all bugs- wasps. The most commonly known wasps, such as yellowjackets and hornets, are eusocial, living together in a nest with an egg-laying queen and non-reproducing workers. Many wasps attack and sting prey items that they use as food for their larvae. Most predatory wasps paralyze their prey in their natural hunting grounds which is what causes the lingering, on-going pain that comes from their stings. Wasps burrow in your gutters, crevices around the house and soffits. They are attracted to the beautiful flowers that we all naturally plant for the season change.

The worst part about these menaces of the insect world is that they are drawn to the same places we are, such as our patios for summer picnics. Anywhere that drink or food residue may linger is where the wasps are the most active above all others. Our trash cans heat up in this Nashville heat and cause the smell of garbage to become more potent and stronger; this draws in pests that wasps love to feast on, especially spiders. Their aggressive behavior makes them the most difficult to exterminate because any level of threat you inflict upon them immediately causes a swarm. Protect the quality time you could have with your children, neighbors and yard work in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas with Total Pest Solutions.