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Don't Let Termites Ruin Your Biggest Investment

Set up termite control services in Goodlettsville, Nashville & Hendersonville, TN

One of the most detrimental pests to find in your home is termites. Termite damage can be extensive, so it needs to be caught as early as possible. Total Pest Solutions, LLC can provide termite control for your home in Goodlettsville, Nashville & Hendersonville, TN and surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee. When you call us for termite inspection, our team will check your home and assess the situation before presenting you with treatment options.

All of our termite treatment options are guaranteed for one year. Additionally, we provide annual termite bond coverage. For a small fee, we'll recheck your property each year and guarantee it for another year.

Schedule your free home inspection in Goodlettsville, Nashville & Hendersonville, TN and the surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee today by calling 615-216-6575.

3 signs you may have termites

Termites are relentless and could be expensive if they're not taken care of immediately. The earlier you notice termite activity, the easier your termite treatment will be. Pay attention for signs of termite infestation, including:

  1. Soft spots or blisters on your walls
  2. Mud tunnels on the foundation of your home
  3. Flying termites called Swarmers around windows and doors

If you notice any of these signs, call Total Pest Solutions immediately to schedule termite inspection services.