Don't Attract Bugs to Your Home or Business

Don't Attract Bugs to Your Home or Business

Moisture control can reduce the risk of infestation in Goodlettsville, Nashville & Hendersonville, TN

If you can prevent bugs and other pests from entering your home, it makes maintenance much easier. Total Pest Solutions, LLC can provide moisture solutions for your home or business in Goodlettsville, Nashville & Hendersonville, TN and surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee. By encapsulating or using moisture control solutions in your crawl space, you'll reduce your chances of dealing with pest infestations in your home or business.

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What is encapsulation?

Keeping bugs out of your crawl space takes a lot of work, especially if you run into excessive moisture. One of the most common methods of moisture control is encapsulation. When we begin crawl space work in your home, our team will:

  • Take an initial look at the space and give you a free evaluation
  • Discuss treatment options for any fungus that has began to grow
  • Provide solutions for the crawl space to prevent further damage

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