Fleas - Just Reading the Word Might Make You Itchy!

Total Pest Solutions Can Help Rid Your Home of These Pests With Flea Control Services in Goodlettsville, Nashville & Hendersonville, TN

All pet owners know that "flea" is truly a four-letter word. Nothing can elicit fear quicker than seeing a black speck moving around in your pet's fur. Treating fleas effectively yourself is nearly impossible, so when you see that pest CALL US ASAP. We will do whatever it takes to rid your home of these bloodsuckers. One flea can quickly become hundreds. It is important to treat the situation before it becomes an all-out flea infestation.

Since fleas are commonly found in homes that have pets, we will treat your home but not put you and your family at risk. Our treatments are safe yet effective. DIY products you find on store shelves can be dangerous for both humans and pets. Also, they do not provide effective pest control. Also, there is no way to treat fleas outside your home, but our team can help locate the infestation source indoors or out.

How to Recognize a Flea:

Fleas are small flightless insects that survive as external parasites of mammals and birds. Adult fleas grow to about 3 mm or .12 in long, are usually brown, and have bodies that are "flattened" sideways, or narrow, enabling them to move through their host's fur or feathers. They lack wings, but have strong claws preventing them from being dislodged; mouthparts adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood, and hind legs extremely well adapted for jumping.

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