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Find Crickets in Your Tennessee Home? Is Chirping Keeping You Up at Night?

Call Total Pest Solutions For Cricket Control Services in Goodlettsville, Nashville & Hendersonville, TN.

Crickets can be quite the nuisance - definitely not as charming as Jiminy Cricket! These pests like to seek refuge in a warm home- especially in winter- to hide and multiply. In the spring, those eggs hatch and you'll suddenly find yourself with a plague's worth of crickets inside your house.

A cricket's song- that incessant chirping- can be heard long before you spot the bug. Not only can they keep you up at night, but crickets can destroy fabrics and important papers.

While you can certainly try to eradicate the pests yourself, we are experts at pest control. Not only will we treat your property with preventative, we can also discuss with you what makes your home particularly enticing for these jumpers. Crickets like to stay at floor-level in warm, dry places such as under couches, snug within holes in your walls, in the garage, and around fireplaces.

How to Recognize a Cricket:

The house cricket is usually a light brown color, has long antennae, wings, and large jumping legs. These insects survive colder climates by staying close to heat during the winter months. They can be found in and around homes, buildings, dumps, barns, compost, and other warm places.